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Re:Plenish (formerly HeartLand Select)

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Re:Plenish (formerly HeartLand Select)


Just wanted to say thanks. You are probably the most service oriented person I know and a great asset to any business.

Jeff Hickson
Green Building Showcase


"Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today. It took a little longer but there was a holiday weekend in there. I am actually a little impressed because I really expected at least one of the parts to be wrong but they are both PERFECT!! I've got the unit all re-assembled and working again. I've really missed it because of the smoke smell in our basement (my own fault - I smoke) but ALSO, our sewage system backed up last weekend. Between the two awful smells, my "office" area hasn't been very pleasant lately but I know after a day of having my air purifier working, it will smell great again."

Take care.
Barb Pattison
Pattison Enterprises

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