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Economically, how does the BioSmart® infrared heater compare to other heating systems?

A. On average, the BioSmart® Infrared heater uses 35% less energy than traditional electric heating systems, making it the most economical way to heat your home. Compared with fuel based heating sources, like propane or kerosene, the BioSmart® Infrared is even more efficient depending on area.

What is Infrared heat?

A. Infrared heat is a non conduction based heating source, meaning that it does not rely on flowing through and heating the air in order to heat a room. Instead, thanks to its shorter wave length; infrared heat penetrates solid objects and persons in a room to heat them directly. This works similarly to the sun's rays: providing a faster and more efficient way to heat any room when compared to more traditional heating systems.

Infrared heat not only acts to heat the air in a room, but can also be implemented as heat therapy. Infrared is generally classified as one of three types; near-, mid-, and far- infrared. These classifications are based on wave length. BioSmart® Infrareds line of heaters use far-infrared waves or thermal infrared in order to produce heat. This type of infrared also produces the most beneficial therapeutic effects.

Many of these therapeutic effects comes from far-infrared's ability to effect water molecules both in the air and in the body. These molecules absorb the waves and convert it into thermal energy that can be used as heat.

Comparatively, conventional heating systems work by first heating the air in a building. Once the air is warmed first, the people and objects inhabiting the room also become warmer. This type of heat is less convenient than infrared heat for two reasons. First, conventional heating methods waste energy by heating all the air in a room. By having to heat ceilings and uninhabited space, the heater runs longer and uses more power in the process. Secondly, they do not provide comfortable warmth until the air is heated. This means that if you turn on a conventional heater, you have to wait for the entire room to become warm before you can even feel the heating effects.

With infrared heat, these problems do not exist. Once you turn on your BioSmart® Infrared heater, you will feel warmth almost instantly. And because the room does not need to be heated for you to maintain a comfortable temperature; infrared heaters waste very little energy.

You can better understand this process by comparing infrared heat to the sun's rays. When you stand by a window and the sun emerges from behind the clouds, emitting light into the room; you feel the warmth from the sun almost immediately. Infrared heat works much in the same way: by emitting radiant energy that your body uses to create thermal energy.

However, the sun also emits harmful UV rays which can be damaging to the skin and eyes. Fortunately, with BioSmart® Infrared heaters you will not have this problem. Due to the infrared wavelength, these heaters do not cause any harm to the body. In fact, infrared heat produced by BioSmart® Infrared heaters may provide numerous therapeutic benefits for the body. Keep in mind that this may not be true for ALL infrared heating systems. Some may use wavelengths which can produce harmful radiation.

Additional benefits of using BioSmart® Infrared heaters is that heat is evenly dispersed throughout a room. Since the infrared waves heat water molecules in the air, and water is les dense than air, heat can be more even from floor to ceiling. Water also maintains a warm temperature much longer than air, so warmth is not lost as quickly due to poor insulation and other draft inducers.

And, unlike conventional heaters which dry the air--leading to cold pockets and quickly rising heat that escapes through cracks and gaps--infrared heat maintains the humidity in the air, allowing warmth to stay inside where it belongs. This makes BioSmart® infrared heaters far more efficient in both time and money; as well as maintaining a healthier air quality throughout your home. In addition, BioSmart® infrared heaters do not reach combustible temperatures or burn away the oxygen in the air. This keeps the oxygen levels stable, preventing oxygen deprivation symptoms like fatigue and lethargy.

Get the most from your BioSmart® Infrared Heater by following these tips!

A. Place the heater in a location with a low airflow.

Your heater should be placed on a warmer inside wall facing a colder outside wall. This allows it to draw any generated heat towards it to provide more efficient heating.

Do not place the heater next to a cold air return. Experience with the location of your heater to discover which works the best for your home.

Keep the humidity in the room or home that is being heated at a stable level of 30%. This allows to for more even heat distribution and overall efficiency.

Maintain a thermostat temperature of 68-74 degree F range. The air will feel 72 degrees at a 68 degree setting because infrared technology warms you, not the surrounding air.

Keep air vents closed if the heater will be used in an isolated area such as a basement, garage, or spare bedroom.

If you plan to use your heater in a room with bare concrete floors, place the unit a few feet above the floor. Concrete tends to draw heat toward it, and doing this will ensure that the room receives evenly dispersed warmth. When possible, cover the floors prior to use.

Use your heater in rooms where you spend the most amount of time and keep your central HVAC unit set to a lower temperature. This allows your central unit to work less without sacrificing comfort.

When using your heater in larger areas, place the unit in the center of the room. This helps the heater to warm more objects at once at an even level.

Change the filter frequently if you use your heater in dirty of dusty areas. This ensures that air quality is maintained so you can live and breath easier.

How Long has the BioSmart® Infrared Heater been around?

A.The BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater has been completely redesigned in 2010. We're coming up to our 4th season and we've sold over a quarter of a million heaters. Consumers everywhere are discovering BioSmart® Infrared's advanced technology and superb quality design. Developed by Earthwise Innovations, it was created in conjunction with a top manufacturer who supplies to several Fortune 500 companies.

To create the BioSmart® Infrared Heater, they took the best features from similar products and upgraded them with the most advanced technology in the industry. They were the first to introduce a remote controlled unit, longer lasting tubes, the most efficient heating chamber, an easy to maintain modular design. That's right, you can service the unit yourself!

BioSmart® Infrared heaters are built to only the highest standards to ensure that you get the longest lasting and most dependable infrared heating unit available. This dedication to quality has made BioSmart® Infrared the leader in infrared heating technology in only three short years.

Why Does BioSmart® Infrared Cost More than a Space Heater?

A. In a nutshell, the BioSmart® Infrared costs more than a space heater because it is NOT a space heater. It is a furnace by all accounts; complete with a heat exchanger, infrared heating coils or tubes, a solid-state electronic control system, heat settings to regulate both temperature and air flow, and a stylish exterior that matches with any home decor. As if that weren't enough, BioSmart® Infrared units also feature high voltage relays to better control temperature by turning tubes on and off; as well as whisper quiet fans that won't keep you up at night. All in all, it is a superior product in every way.

In addition, you will actually SAVE money long term when you use a BioSmart® Infrared instead of a conventional space heater. Because it can evenly disperse heat throughout a room (or entire house!), you can keep your thermostat lower, enjoy greater comfort, and pay less each and every month on your energy bill. The BioSmart® Infrared heater can actually heat an entire house if all doors are left open because the warmth travels quickly from room to room much like a central unit could do. Not only that, but the BioSmart® Infrared heater is safe. No fire. No burns. No worries!

These features, combined with up to 20,000 hours of bulb life makes the BioSmart® Infrared the best value on the market.

Why BioSmart® Infrared?

A. There is simply no other heating system on the market that can compare to BioSmart® Infrared's technologically advanced design. When you order, you can expect:

Greater energy efficiency thanks to infrared heat's ability to even distribute itself throughout a room. This is made possible thanks to its state of the art copper infrared heating chambers combined with other elements which work together to create the most penetrable infrared waves you'll find anywhere.

A stylish appearance. Unlike clunky propane or kerosene units and unattractive electric space heaters; BioSmart® Infrared comes in several appealing styles, including some models which feature real wood casing that provides a look that is classy enough for any decor.

Long lasting heat. BioSmart® Infrared has a 20,000 hour usage average. That's 6-8 years for most owners, or four times longer than conventional units!

How Much Power Does the BioSmart® Infrared Heater Draw?

A. Only 1000-1500 watts, depending on the model. That is less than many coffee makers currently on the market.

Is the BioSmart® Infrared Heater safe?

A. Yes. With BioSmart® Infrared you have no fumes, flames or combustible parts to worry about. This means no fire hazard or burns for you or your family. Exhaustive TUV testing has confirmed that BioSmart® Infrared Heaters are safe!

What is a BioSmart® Infrared Heater?

A. The BioSmart® Infrared line of heaters are the most advanced and revolutionized line of heaters on the market. They are portable, efficient and long lasting and use far-infrared waves to evenly disperse heat throughout your home better than conventional electric of fuel based models. In fact, they are 14-56 percent more efficient than other infrareds, electric and propane heaters on average.

What kind of warranty does the BioSmart® Infrared have?

A. The BioSmart® Infrared comes with an extended three year warranty which includes all heating elements in the unit.

Luckily, you won’t need it! There are no moving parts other than the fan, and BioSmart® Infrared heaters have maintenance free solid-state controls along with expert technical support any time you need it. In fact, most problems can be diagnosed and remedied right over the phone.

Where can I use my BioSmart® Infrared Heater?

A. Anywhere! Place it in unused rooms or areas like basements and back bedrooms as a supplemental energy source, or use as a replacement for your central heating system.

How does the BioSmart® Infrared Heater Work?

A. BioSmart® Infrared utilizes the power of a copper-ionization panel which ionizes water molecules in the air to help distribute heat more evenly throughout the room. This “soft heat” technology virtually eliminates “cold pockets”. Stainless steel coils and ceramic and stainless steel tips combine with this ionization technology to create environmentally friendly heating with 14% greater efficiency than other infrared products. And since BioSmart® Infrared heaters use the moisture in the air, humidity is not lost; leading to moist and more comfortable air.

How does the BioSmart® Infrared Heater compare to other heating systems?

A. Because BioSmart® Infrared furnaces by providing evenly distributed heat from the floor all the way to the ceiling. They also do not dry out the air. This leads to lower heat settings and more comfort for you and your family.

In fact, studies have shown that BioSmart® Infrared Heaters the warmth generated was nearly even from floor to ceiling. This heat is known as “soft heat” because of its extreme comfort.

What makes the BioSmart® Infrared Heater different?

A. BioSmart® Infrared Heating systems are different for a variety of reasons when compared to more traditional heating sources. First, unlike radiant heat infrared heat has much shorter waves. This means that infrared heaters heat the room faster and more efficiently. Second, when compared to solar radiation heat sources there is one main difference. Solar radiation is an efficient heat source, but still contains harmful UV rays that can damage the skin. BioSmart® Infrared heaters give off no UV rays while still maintaining the same superior “short save” efficiency. Also, no other type of heat generation provides the same health benefits as infrared technology. These include better air quality through increased moisture content and the production of negative ions.

What makes the BioSmart® Infrared™ Heater "Healthier" than other heaters?

A. Several things make BioSmart® Infrared heaters healthier than other options. First of all, they don’t take away from the humidity in the air, making homes more comfortable. They don’t produce harmful positive ions and in fact produce beneficial negative ions to increase air quality in the home.

What are the therapeutic benefits of the BioSmart® Infrared Heater?

A. The type of far-infrared waves used by BioSmart® Infrared heaters offer various therapeutic and health inducing effects for the body. This is because of the waves’ unique ability to better penetrate into tissues. In doing so, the light energy becomes thermal energy. The heat, when penetrated into the body, produced several positive effects including:

Improved circulation
Detoxification of the cells due to increased cellular metabolism
Tissue regeneration
Reduced inflammation and pain
More flexible muscles and joints
Relaxation inducing warmth

The effects of far-infrared waves have gained popularity in recent years, and is used for various medicinal purposes including emerging cancer treatments.

In addition to these benefits, infrared waves combined with BioSmart® Infrared’s unique copper ionization panels creates beneficial negative ions that are released into the air.

Negative ions have been shown to improve wellness and well being. They provide the same renewed and invigorated feeling you get after a rain. Negative ions also purify and clean the air; resulting in better air quality for you and your family.

More conventional heating systems have the opposite effect on health. They often produce positive ions, which, in high enough quantities can lead to a host of health problems.

BioSmart® Infrared is the only heater on the market not only maintains air quality: it improves it!

How does the initial cost and savings compare to other heaters?

A. In comparison with the closest competitor’s products, BioSmart® Infrared heaters cost virtually half the price in up front investment. That’s because to get the same efficient technology and heat generating power you would pay twice as much when purchasing a similar unit, and would still not receive the unique safety and health features provided by BioSmart® Infrared.

How does the BioSmart® Infrared™ Portable Heater Work?

A. BioSmart® Infrared utilizes the power of a copper-ionization panel which ionizes water molecules in the air to help distribute heat more evenly throughout the room. This “soft heat” technology virtually eliminates “cold pockets”. Stainless steel coils and ceramic and stainless steel tips combine with this ionization technology to create environmentally friendly heating with 14% greater efficiency than other infrared products. And since BioSmart® Infrared heaters use the moisture in the air, humidity is not lost; leading to moist and more comfortable air.

How much area does a BioSmart® Infrared™ Heating System heat?

A. The BioSmart® Infrared™ quartz Infrared Heating System unit, is an excellent source of primary heat for up to 1000 square feet and a superb source of secondary heat for over 1200 square feet.

Why doesn’t the heat from the BioSmart® Infrared quartz infrared heating system rise like conventional heating systems?

A. The heat doesn’t rise when using an BioSmart® Infrared Heater because the infrared waves are shorter than those in a radiant heat source. This in conjunction with an ionizing heat exchanger helps the heat permeate the air more quickly and thoroughly for more even heat distribution. Not only is this more efficient since you are not heating areas you do not inhabit; but it provides a constant warmth that is cozy and comfortable for your family.

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